You will be surprised when visitingQuang Tri Vietnam nowaday, the place with regard to the most painful heroic place of Vietnam. If you do a research on Google, Quang Tri will appear as the War Symbol, the spoil and separation but Quang Tri is now splendid peaceful more than ever before.

When I said that I will go to Dien Bien , Quang Tri, almost all friends just stared asking: “Does it have anything that makes you wanna be there?”

I said Dien Bien has A1 hill, De Castries trench shelter,has Battle of Dien Bien Phuso it should be visited!

Quang Tri Vietnam has17 parallel, Ben Hai Riverso it could not be missed!

beach quang tri vietnam
Quang Tri Beach is still neglected, just the waves, gravel and stone

And surprised, after a year dreaming about it, I did my own interesting Quang Tri (Quảng Trị)self-sufficient excursionin 3 days 4 nights!

It’s the trip of our sisters, so we were making hard to choose the time, it must fit our two. Once, I prefer to go alone so “I travel when I want to…!”. In fact, this time, my first target was Sapa, unlucky me one week previous, the weather went bad, three days planning were sticked to the unexpected cats and dogs rain, we realized that we shouldn’t “put one’s pride in one’s pocket for the sake of one’s end” to be in Sapa to sadly sitting to contemplate it. So, my plan has changed to the Center of Vietnam to prevent me from Hanoi moist and rain (Hanoi began to be humid)!.

quang tri vietnam
The Quang Tri haughty ancient citadel

And Quang Tri was scheduled in five days.

The first thing to do was booking sleeper bus, the earlier we book, the more chances to choose the bed. You had better to choose the 1stfloor ones, if travel in group so the nearer is the better. After that is the detail plan to reserve guesthouse or hotel. Originally the online review posts showed up that we will spend a night in Quang Tri town, 1 more night inDong Ha citybut we only had a few choices for hotel there, wrong telephone numbers, additionally after that bike renting is our specify to mobile then we just booked a hotel that located in Dong Ha.

beach quang tri vietnam
The jellyfish got lost was taken onto the land

About the booking experiences in Vietnam, as I always do:

  •  Try to leave in weekdays to decompress the booking room and its price. Even you chose to go in off-peak time, we chose to extent our trip by wandering on Mon, Tue instead of sending our request on Fri. Some place included Fri into weekend so the price follow the “weekend” one. And “Friday off” is the mob mentality so I forced myself to follow the minority! If your company/organization didn’t allow Monday leaving so it will be the end up thing for us~
  • Gave about 4 or 5 calls to hotels to check different prices for your chosen room, sample, the 4 members of the household one, or 2 single beds room, one double bed… Then politely tell them that you will recall when commanding your schedule. Obviously you will choose the most convenient and cheapest one to book. :p
  • In Vietnam, the trips of mine was all hotel/guesthouse, cheap hostel is roughly less than 200k per night/day time. The important is, don’t forget to bargain! Sometime the business family is still up-and-coming discount the price for passenger in the normal time! Naturally, because they also “initiative” to put up the price in the height one!
  • Everyone know that the check in time is at 14pm and check out at 12pm, however, you had better to ask if you arrived earlier, if the previous guest checked out early or empty one can be checked in early! Example, the sleeper bus, arrived often at 5-6am, so you can ask if you can check in early at that time or not to let your plan convenient the most!
  • You can book at, you will be 100% money returned when cancelling before the specific time. Cos Quang Tri is not yet expand its internal travel, that’s why less hotel and almost them are old. Home stay, hostel for travelers is a rarely ones so we have less choice. And because of its little investment cause shortcoming info about those hotels.

Hence, you can search and consult a lot of hotels, with many price levels to get the best choice.

beach quang tri vietnam
The plain that carried a flood of all a sudden

After calling to 5-6 hotels to check different prices, the one I booked:If you came to Vietnam for travelling, inconveniently discuss with them because they had less good foreign languages staves so you can try the intermediate web booking.

Fanpage HO TIEU GIANG - Travel BLOG Vietnam

Thanh Dat Hotel (Thành Đạt) at 87 Le Duan (Lê Duẩn)

Tel: 02333 55 1515

This hotel has elevator though it looks a bit old. The first day the lift was struck by the lightning, could not be used, our reservation was on the 5thfloor so we had to din with our foot! Normally when reserved, I asked whether they had lift or not, if not we often required the floor that closed to ground one!

quang tri vietnam
The unputdownable dyke path at Cua Tung

The accommodations were old, but fitted with all conveniences and tidy. They had no hair-dryer and kettle so please brought them yourselves girls!

Le Duan street is a big road in Dong Ha (Đông Hà), a lot of bus streaming around, you can go on foot from the hotel to the parking-lot without xe-om driver/taxi.

We reserved Nhat Tuan Bus (Nhật Tuấn) – Tel: 02333 360 6966

Hostel + motorbike renting: Thuy Dien (Thủy Điển) ~ 5 USD/day.

Next to Muong Thanh hotel (Mường Thanh), separate from my hotel about 200 metres.

This place also has room for lease, the minimum from 7~8 USD/day.

beach quang tri vietnam
Quang Tri province is so beautiful <3

Cos I am a girl, unclear about vehicles, so we talked directly to the owner that we want the gear motorcycle, must be Honda to be stable and less fuel!

Self-sufficient travelingis all that, contrive from A to Z, but it makes you mature more than you used to be!

Welcome you to Quang Tri Vietnam!

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