The Sapa without any fuss – the marvellous charming, the more and more visit, the further the more missing…

Day 3: Ta Phin – Ham Rong Mountain – Stone Church – Sapa Café

The last day in Sapa valley Vietnam, we went to Ta Phin Village , the beginning place ofthe famous The Herbal Bath of Red Dao. Naturally we could try the Dao Do’s (Red Dao) The Herbal Bath immediately in town but we chose the way to try them directly there. Altogether different to yesterday, today the sun was risen up earlier, the dry weather, soon the rising temperature quickly, extremely convenient for the trip.

sapa valley vietnam
Artichoke in Sapa valley Vietnam

On the way to Ta Phin Village , the local planted a lot of precious ones such as Artichoke, lily, strawberry, orchids… The climate has given its advantages to develop agriculture, the high economic value plants to light up life here.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Orchids in Ta Phin Village
Sapa valley Vietnam
Lily Garden in Sapa valley Vietnam

The Herbal Bath of Red Dao brought a lot of benefit to our health especially women. We were wandered to the cooperative to investigate, the price is 4 USD per one. You will able to soak your body until you get bored. But the pharmaceutical of the leaves was so strong, if you weren’t appropriate, you may get sick, so we recommend that you should stop after 15 – 20 mins. Please be careful if could not get used to it, don’t continue and get out.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Go to Ta Phin – Sapa valley Vietnam

Ta Phin is 12 kilometers separated from Sapa. The traditional primitive is the spot to attract the travelers to discover. The entrance street is rocky small, it was hard for the cars through the stretch of road, we met a lot of foreigners that were going on foot to get in, but almost no Vietnamese. The bumpy mountain path is around 10 kilometers with the blazing sun but they were persisting to experience.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Ta Phin Cave

As arrived the Ta Phin cave, there were a lot of kids that carried out the flashlights to ran into you to guide the direction to visitors. The price for renting them and the flashlight is 1 USD. They will enthusiastically lead you into the cave until the “decision of the schedule stopped”. The cave is not beautiful, not many stalactites as many others cave, but extremely hard to move and super mystery. Normally, you were able to walk in 10 mins before getting back, that was the reason why I said: “decision to stop”, cos the cave was so long and deep, as the kids said it may take a whole day and we would have to crawl, climbing in danger and had to invest the tools, vehicles, time and health to go.

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The problem of getting back at the middle of the trip let me aware of the nature’s limitless!

The children kept reminding me to take care to not to knock our head to the stone but I was still suck! Inside the cave, the cool air, different than the outside world.

If you weren’t born to be a discovery person, please allow me to hint that you should not visit this place!

Back to Sapa valley Vietnam, we went to the Sapa market to enjoy things and get lunch. The market was invested under spacious construction but located far away from the town so less visitors and kiosks.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

If you want to buy the Sapa specialties such as chayote vegetable, sturgeon, salmon, apricot, plum, buffalo meat smoking-shelf, under arms pork… you should pass by this place in the end of your trip to have a widely choices and the best prices!

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa market

Instead of the pricey meal in the restaurant, the ones in the market area is not a bad choice when you were able to authentically enjoy the local’s life, delicious and cheap taste!

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

We went to Ham Rong Mountain in the afternoon, it was located right in the central of Sapa, one of the singular mountain in Vietnam that carries the clearly pictographic element, as the flying dragon in the white clouds. It was 1 800 meters high, this is the ideal place to enjoy Sapa on top, the be the cloud hunter and contemplate the heaven and earth’s harmony point.

Sapa valley Vietnam
The way to Ham Rong – Sapa valley Vietnam

Ham Rong was named “the four season of blooming flower mountain”. By visiting this place anytime, you are able to see a lot of flowers’ kind blooming.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Flowers in Ham Rong Muontain – Sapa valley Vietnam

This place is up to 6.000 hours with hundreds of orchid species were differently named such as: Paphiopedilum, Dendrobium, Buffalo Ears … among them contained a lot of precious ones.

Sapa valley Vietnam
6000 Orchids in Ham Rong Mountain

If you are the flower lover and photography, this place will be ideal one for you to be fully satisfied to boss the show.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

We came back to Nha Tho Da (The Stone Church) when the brilliant light appeared on every stone doorway. The heart of Sapa, Nha Tho Da without any fuss, welcome and see off the incoming and outgoing visitors.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

The morning before we left, we sorted out the luggage and checked-out early and take them on consignment at the protocol department.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

The hotel has a cafeteria that view to the mountains, it was extremely beautiful, we came back, sat to make the most of the sights before the breakup.

As we are going to visit Lao Cai province so we caught a bus to come back to it, the price is 1 – 1,5 USD per ticket. Both the bus and 16 – 24 passenger car for you to make a choice. As the development of tourism, just 30 mins per trip for Sapa bus, the last voyage is 17.45 p.m.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa lake – Sapa valley Vietnam

If you passed by the night Hanoi – Sapa passenger car, you would have no chance to enjoy the anesthesia beautiful Sapa – Lao Cai stretch of road. The place where the mountain and forest, the terraces let you attach to…

Sapa valley Vietnam
Lao Cai city

However, I have made a tiny mistake here. As following our plan, we will catch a night bus from Lao Cai to Hanoi. This is the bus from Sapa to take passengers, that was booked together with the departure way. If you were also planned to stop at Lao Cai city as me, you should book the return one there, more convenient without losing time. Bus in Lao Cai is a lot and it always there as you want to move.

I am going to introduce a little about the Sapa ancient roses, you are able to see a lot of this flower in the garden of the private houses. The Sapa ancient rose or the French Rose, belongs to the shrub, it has prickle, the leave is fresh green, the flower carries the unique pick color that original in Europe. The flower has the long life-span, up to 20-30 years, the more long-lived, the more price it becomes and was collected by the fanatic, the price will up to 100 million per plant.

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa valley Vietnam

Sapa valley Vietnam

Sapa valley Vietnam

Sapa valley Vietnam
Sapa ancient roses – Sapa valley Vietnam

So my journey to Sapa Valley Vietnam in 4 nights 3 days was come to an end, we spent less than 150 USD per one. If you didn’t plan to visit Fansipan, you would able to save more.

The sparkling high-water terraces under the sunshine:

Ruộng bậc thang ở Sapa
Sapa Valley Vietnam
Sapa Valley Vietnam
Sapa Valley Vietnam

See you soon Sapa!

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