The first day in Quang Tri province became sluggish when the driver woke up the passengers though the sun not yet rose up. However after the first sunshine greeted us with a wave, our dreamt trip was impatient to start.

Day 1: Travel around Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and 3 beaches

Quang Tri province was so hot though we moved just in March, so lucky no hot and dry westerly wind when we left.

This was our timetable:

  1.       Thach Han Bridge
  2.        Quang Tri Ancient Imperial Citadel
  3.       Bo De School
  4.        La Vang Holy Land
Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

Both venues above is all historical monument in the city itself so we asked the local during the trip!

Bo De School (Trường Bồ Đề) and Quang Tri Ancient Imperial Citadel (Thành cổ Quảng Trị) carried the huge meaning. The visited participation always brought commemorate garland. After visiting, you can save yourself some pictures for this place. The broken motley-colored traces of lethal weapons and its green moss walls are suitable for taking those mysterious personality photos.

Quang Tri province

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

At first, we intended to visit Cua Tung beach (Biển Cửa Tùng) and Cua Viet beach (Biển Cửa Đại)  in the afternoon, but it would spend much trouble on getting back to Quang Tri city commune without My Thuy beach (Biển Mỹ Thủy)  was a wastefully thing ever so we made our own tour for 3 beaches at the same time! It’s all strength forself-sufficient travelingwhen you own your journey, you can flexibly change your trek to match reality demand and solve your problems (if happened).

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province – way to My Thuy beach

The way to get into My Thuy is pretty out of reach to imagine!

These 2 roadside, deep green plants like spreading out the carpet! The most wonderful is likely those trees didn’t straight in regular but each one has its own looks, the figure, aspect, different species! Just we stepped on the deep road, each frame seems to be a massage for our eyes especially when the 1pm baking sun was left out.

I wondered about the reason why every house here flied the flag as the festive days when on path. I was previously reading on newspaper about the My Thuy Massacre 1948 event (My Trach) but we didn’t even think that chanced. The day we came was on March 18thwhile the event will be happened on March 19thand April 8th.

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

My Thuy beach is still new and neglected, internal travel is not yet developed, and as a matter of course truly beautiful though it’s not famous at this time! The white sandy beach, the pure and deep blue water, the tidy absent plain and those parking on sand boats are very photogenic!

And yes we have a line of roadside seafood restaurant, but no table companion that caused the most likely by the commencement of the afternoon! The local is very friendly, truthful, gentle and righteous.

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

As the sea-land child so I just love the sea only whenever I go on vacation or travel, my passionate thing is the voice of its wave!

On map, you can see the lengthwise Quang Tri province with the seaside so I thought there was a crossed road from this plain to another. So said so done, I asked the passed by local. But unfortunately no road (as imagined), 1 side is the sky and the sea, and one another is a tree row. Because the town is still poor so it was a small track that run parallel with the seaside, separate from it roughly 50-100 metres.

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This time proved that driving a motorbike instead of catching a bus like we often choose is a right thing! The road helped me to investigate a lot of things and felt a lot of facts! The wind from the sea was blowing charmed, the tree row was still attractive sweet like that, the lakes and ponds for aquaculture on the other side, the passed by local, the playful children… cannot be described in words.

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province – Cưa Tung Beach

Arrived to Cua Viet, the main beach was built caused the straight, the imposing greet entrance the primary beach was built, it was cooler but the numbers of passenger was thinly sown! Sitting down to enjoy the sea and yummy the finest flour pancake by the way, we were off to the next beach!

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province – My Thuy beach

The path from Cua Viet to Cua Tung was really wonderful!

Cos it was the invested travel road so the straight was shown up, still the phi lao, deep blue keo, far away was the flicker white sandy plain and the rustling noise from the waves. The road like this, we could not deny to raise the selfie-stick quickly and continually for taking photos… We drove as slow as we could to survey a view and make the most of sights at the stretch of road!

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

Inshort we love this road stage and Quang Tri to death!

Over 10km, we checked in at Cua Tung, but it was just the rock plain. This had the paths that referred to the concrete embankment beach as Korean film so we decided to stop.

Quang Tri province
Quang Tri province

Again, a fabulous sight! The tide was coming in, the waves crashed onto the shore was getting stronger and stronger, the dazzlingly white towering lather, quite impresion! We forgot the time to have a passion for this landscape. The unexpected rain passed by when we were absorbed in taking selfies!

The rain was a big one and the sky was darken very quickly, we were in a hurry to seek shelter from the rain. So the trip ended, though we missed to bathe in the sea! But we estimated that we would re-visit this place in Tue so we just …merry!

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