Adventure between heaven and dust, do not forget to party – amazing BBQ in Lung Cu Flag Tower – a magic bean that adds spirit and power to the players! The more you go, the more excited you feel…

Great BBQ in Lung Cu Tower – Highland Stone

In the morning, I woke up early, may be the night before I slept well, we called each others to get up and prepare to go to Lung Cu Flag Tower. While the men, were preparing cars, packing luggages, the girls went shopping together and making hair styles for each other.

Before going to Ha Giang for a week, I fell a motorbike, a small footprint was still horribly scaly. Yesterday I was in the car all day, so the wound was out, terribly painful. Fortunately, the team had a young girl who was a nurse, she healed my scar immediately to avoid being infected. I was also the person in charge of health, medicine management for every members.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

Today, we would have BBQ party in Lung Cu.

Having departed to Lung Cu, starting the Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike. The road was steep, crevice between layers of rocky majestic layers. There were road sections under construction, repair, shock and danger. The crew reduced speed, the motor before signaled for the motors behind to handle the situation on the road. The average speed was about 30 km/h.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

There were many foreign groups were going to Dong Van. Unfortunately, I had not thought that I would write blog later, therefore I did not take many photos (!?).

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

On the way, we occasionally stopped the motorbikes, rested a few minutes and took pictures. Of course there was no shortage of naughty pictures.

Near to Lung Cu, the roadside fields had been harvested, farmers rushed to complete the final stages.

BBQ party in Lung Cu was not like picnic at the campsite. Since the location “kitchen set” was not available, you must actively search for one.

At the Lung Cu flag tower, a couple of motors separated to ask the road and find a reasonable place to grill meat.

About 5 minutes later, one motor announced that we were allowed by protectors to eat in the backyard and make BBQ… party. The group quickly placed the motors neatly and brought things to the yard.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Amazing BBQ – Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

Backyard had two rows of level 4 painted gold, orderly. The courtyard was narrow but clean. The work was clearly assigned. Boys were responsible for sticking stone and making fire. Another side, Girls made a parcel of meats, sit skewers, ready to marry ribs … Some people focused on taking pictures and recording the moment.

Northern Vietnam Travel MotorbikeIn the group, there was one cooker, so he took responsibilities of everything.

All of us were awared of keeping order and sanitation around the area.

At that time, there was one more motor to go to join team. Two young people were extremely enthusiastic because they were too busy to come along in the first place. They traveled by another way, they arrived at 12 a.m to Lung Cu. Furthermore, the girl drove a half of the total way. Too awesome, I cannot do it!

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The more grilled meats finished, the faster they were running out. Everyone looked like “hungry wolves” that did not wait to eat!

The smell of meat flew all over the place. Grilled yellow meat, glossy fat, making anyone can not leave their eyes. The meat was soft in the mouth, swallowed and still left the taste on the tip of the tongue, very passionate.

That day was such a beauty, we gave the youth here …

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Lung Cu Flag Tower – Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

We finished dinner so late, then all of the team quickly cleaned up and climbed up to the flag column. At that time, we did not have enough time to check landmark as expected.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

Lung Cu Flag Tower was 1 470 m in height above sea level. The flag was built first in the Ly dynasty, commanded by Ly Thuong Kiet in the 11th century. At first, the flag column was made of saffron. The column was reconstructed from the French colonial period, in 1887 and has been restored to this day. Lung Cu flag was considered the head of the Fatherland, the pride of the nation.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Downning from Lung Cu Flag Tower – Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

Each group of people continuously climbed the Flag Tower. The color of the red flag with bright yellow star everywhere. In many cars’ groups, there were senior man gotoff the car and wore red T-shirt with a yellow star, so proud!

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

There was family having traveled there by motorbike, our team met them some time. The father drove a motorbike, carried the mother and the child crossed the mountain pass. The child was probably 3 or 4 years old. Three of them wore red flag shirts with a yellow star, so adorable.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

At the top of the flag tower, where there were collective photo shot! Selfie sticks are used thoroughly. From here, you could see the panoramic view of the magnificent Dong Van rocky terrain. Far away, there were still rice fields with dyed rice was waiting for harvest.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

The top of the country was horizontal, the flag flyed partly.

All Vietnamese people came to Ha Giang, vehicles were crowded in a long convoy. On the way back, many other groups were coming. I told myself, if we went a little later, we did not know how to get back.

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

The iron horses (the motorbikes) were well taken care of by the groups. Therefore, we were lucky because we did not encounter many problems on the road, the schedule was not negatively affected. There was a time that the group stopped helping to repair the punctured tires for another group.

In Ha Giang, the story of the motorcycle group meetings were very obvious as the buckwheat flower boomed in October, and November. We beckoned, waved and hastened when other motorcycles were in the opposite direction. There were few experienced groups, did not went to Ha Giang or North West, did not prepared enough equipment and knowledge, so everyone helped each other.

On the deserted pass, sometimes you encountered the lovely children of ethnic minorities. Most of the tourists, especially the motorcyclists would wave them from the distance, their smiling eyes were very cute. The mountains were cloudy, around no house, we did not know where the children from, where they came, they also did not know where to go, but their bare feet really hurt the visitors …

However, you also note that, you must not send gifts, sandwiches, money for children on the road. Tourism organizers had also warned tourists, as this may have a negative and dangerous impact on children (as they ran to the streets), causing bad image in the eyes of international travelers. .

You should also pay attention. Some naughty children, when they was going through, would raise their hands to High Five with you, but again it could make your hands hurt!

Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike
Northern Vietnam Travel Motorbike

At noon, the temperature was high, but then quickly dropped and suddenly turned cold. I still needed to ask my teammates to borrow the jacket. Hic.

In the evening, the dinner at the opposite restaurant was booked as yesterday. Each meal we put about 5 USD / person / full meal. As the food here was scarce, traffic was not convenient, vegetables were difficult to plant so they were all expensive than usual. The reason for tourism and peak season was only one minor reason of the expensive price.

Old Town had many impressive cafes to serve tourists. Wifi here was very strong and popular. In the evening, foreign guests and Vietnamese people walked a lot.

We hang around the old town and met in the yard a group of tourists was dancing fire jubilantly, my group eagerly joined together with them.

In the evening, although we were horribly tired, the whole family was still noisy. At 11 o’clock, the leader reminded everyone to take a sleep because of the long road awaiting at the following day.


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