May – when the rainy season came, is the moment when the Sapa farmer going to lead the water to prepare for the new season. This is also the best time in the year for you to visit this place to admire the sparkle terrace under the sun.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi ?

After delayed many times, finally the journey to Sapa came true. The schedule was prepared as fast as possible, belong to it was the hotel and bus booking. The Hanoi – Lao Cai highway was put into operation that assisted to reduce the time to go to Sapa, it would take 4-5 hours faster as it used to be. The matter is now for the suitable time of the bus route, the nearest, the most convenience and the best price of the bus routes. Bus to Sapa from My Dinh Station, Hanoi around 10~11 USD/one. 20~22 USD/ round-trip.

Beside those, this journey I have tried to book vehicle directly from the hotel. As the feedbacks of mine, the price for catching a bus from hotels is a bit competitive.

how to get sapa from hanoi
How to get Sapa from Hanoi

We recommend you to save the Stone Church (Nha Tho Da) as the central when booking hotel. The hotels that all listing the separation from their places to Nha Tho for the prediction of the tourists. From this central, you are able to lead to Fansipan, Ta Van Village, Lao Cai City … and convenient for going on foot in the evening.

To investigate Sapa as much as possible, we booked 2 different hotels that all has the mountains view by about 10 USD/day/room.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
How to get Sapa from Hanoi

The weather in Sapa has rained when I left. At that moment I thought, it was ok to get the rain if there was no danger or no rain constantly in 3 days, visit Sapa to play with the rain is also interesting too!

Day 1: Crossed the O Quy Ho Pass – Silver Falls – Cat Cat Village

This trip, I left with my sister. Early morning, the passengers has been woken up by the driver to enjoy the Sapa sunrise. We went from 11 p.m to 4 a.m and sleep on the bus. We caught a taxi to go to hotel, it was not the time to check-in but fortunately the staff let us retrieve one of their empty room for preparing, and then we dealership our baggage to initiate.

đèo Ô Quy Hồ Sa Pa
Ô Quy Ho in the cloud

We took the motorbike, and the hotel pre-purchase is 5 USD. We book Honda to save fuel and convenience. Afterward, when heading to the big road, we realized that the fee for motorbike renting here was just for 3.5 USD/one – cheaper than the Vietnam general premise of motorbike renting, that meant I have got the expensive service. 

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
O Quy Ho Pass

This was the second time I was in the mountains but forgot to carry out the warm clothes due to my own subjective, the unbelievable that the weather was cold this much may be the reason causing this. The morning and evening in Sapa is extremely cold, you had better to prepare jackets to stay warmth.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
How to get Sapa from Hanoi

A day in Sapa included 4 seasons as the rumor from people. The morning frost, the pure and light atmosphere and coldish as spring. Summer is around 11 a.m, the weather was going to be warmer and warmer, and the dazzling sunshine. The beginning of after noon is also season making, the weather turned into autumn with the cool splendid wind. To the evening, the appearance of winter came to remind us to wear warmth clothes, love the roasted sweet potatoes on the red coal, blowing and eating, there is no more than that!

The O Quy Ho Pass was also named Hoang Lien, was formed by passing the Hoang Lien Son mountains, or May pass because the cloud always covers the top of it. As the legendary of these mountains, once upon a time there was a type of bird that carried out the devastating cry, and belong to the legend of the broken love story of a couple. From that moment, the voice “O Quy Ho” of those birds was considered as the name for the wild pass at the height of 2000 meters.

The path to conquest this pass was under construction, upgrade and fixed, that caused the damping and we were making hard to go through it. Additionally, the road was covered by the white clouds, you were only able to see the object in 5 meters. We recommended you move as slow as you could and don’t forget to turn on the light to stay safe.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
How to get Sapa from Hanoi

The deserted road with some vehicles passed by. You will have a chance to feel the spring of Sapa gradually, driving motorbike in common the white frosty cloud. The pass is not as cliff as I thought, the bends weren’t significantly so we were not in difficulties to get over. Our sisters could exchange our response to drive the motorbike.

The pass connected Lao Cai province  and Lai Chau province , we entered Lai Chau in a short time then turned back. We visited Heaven Gate (Cong Troi) in the afternoon.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
How to get Sapa from Hanoi

The Heaven Gate is extremely white, and cold enough to let us keep wearing masks to take selfies. On the top of the pass to look down, the valley as a cloud fulfilled giant basket! That was the could hunting ever~

Silver Falls (Thac Bac) was located on the pass’ crossing, the entrance ticket is 2 USD/one. You were able to see the charming waterfall on the top of the mountain. The fall was extremely high, I was making hard to take a photo to save the whole sight of it.

Thác bạc Sapa

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Người đăng: Hồ Tiểu Giang vào Thứ Sáu, 2 tháng 6, 2017

Silver Waterfall 

The famous specialty of Sapa issturgeon, salmon, these are the expensive fishes of the conditioning place. Sturgeon is one of the most ancient extant fish that carrying the high economic value. And for the salmon – it was notable with the red Sashimi, rich of nutrition, this type of fish helped to escape the poverty here.

So, for the lunch, we were so excited to enjoy the salmon/sturgeon hotpot. In fact, the Sapa’s restaurants are in the competition by this specialty’s non-different price. It is in the common 25 – 30 USD per kilo. The 20 USD hotpot is suitable for 2-3 persons.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
Sturgeon Hotpot in Sapa

Salmon/ Sturgeon were able to serve in many ways such as crispy fry, salt roast, grill, sashimi…however to call the most economical dish, you had better to order by its weight. For example, 6 people will eat 2 kilos, 1 kilo of salmon, 1 kilo of sturgeon so 800gr will be served as hotpot, 400gr salt roast, 400gr grill, 400gr for Sashimi, divide for the 2 types of fish, so you could eat more without thinking so much!

Our 2 ate 1 kilo of fish and unable to stand up after that!

And about the thoughtful owner who came to us to advise and asked if we had any available feedback.

After that, we came back to our hotel to check-in and visit Cat Cat Village.

The weather at noon was so hot, so we had to wait until 15.30 p.m to debut to visit Cat Cat, because Cat Cat is only 2.5 kilometers separated from the central of Sapa.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
Many falls in Cat cat Village

There were a lot of cafeterias that leaned on mountain, or had view to them, super impressive and monumental. On the 2 sides of the road, the ethically costume rental stores are closely to each other, most of them is the traditional costume of the Mong to take photos. We were in stress for a while, finally decided to rent those costumes to “sprung the silk”. The price for one is 3 USD, unlimited time or space. That meant you were able to rent for a long time, you just had to return them back to the owner at the end of day. If you rent them early, you would be able to bring them to another place in Sapa to comfortably take selfies.

tự đi du lịch một mình
Renting ethicallycustomer

On the way to move, many sellers will convince you to buy candies for the children in their village, around 3 USD/pack. However, you should not buy them, as the people here and for the rules of the tourism resort that “give the kids candies” was the way to naughty them. As our vision, in the village, a lot of tourists gave the kids their candies, they were also rejected to receive and eat those. The kids would love to promote the local tourism.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
Terraced fields in Sapa

The village is very beautiful, was focused by the local to invest and exploit their tourism, very professional and detailed. As our own opinion, this was the very highly recommend place to visit when you were in Sapa.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi
Gem Cafe – Art’s Space

The Cat Cat Village has a lot of items such as flower garden, landscape, traditional markets, waterfall, suspension bridge, water spin, the souvenirs shopping area and of course the specialty “terraces”. On the way I have met a lot of foreigners who enjoying the Cat Cat beauty. They were also rent the costumes and took umbrella to wander around the village and took a lot of beautiful photos there. The road to entrance into the village was very clean, the people here is also friendly. To serve the visitors, there are a lot of interesting cafeterias carried out the high region characteristic.

Wandering and taking photos, please take are of your time to get back!

How to get Sapa from Hanoi

You will go around Cat Cat Village, entrance and got out in the difference roads. There were some corners that you were able to see the go through Fansipan suspension.

We left when the rice field was ripped, the terraces were yellow, each layer ranged as the golden cakes that stacked on each other.

To almost visit the village, leisurely playing and taking pictures, it would take minimum 2 hours.

After going on our foot for a while, we passed by the Red Bridge as the final works. Left Cat Cat Village was a ramp up street around 1 kilometer. There would have some “xe om” driver standing there to wait for you as they served you to the starting point. Price for one person is around 2 USD.

The Gem Café, exactly the Art Gallery has e very nice location, we were able to see the panorama of Cat Cat. In front of the door of them has a cute green trees trestle, the warmth space, was decorated by a lot of impressed pictures. As suggested from friends, my sister and I passed by when the sun has gone under those mountains.

In the city, every home turned on the lights, the space will be by the luminous electricity as the landed stars on the sky. But on the mountainous with the sparsely populated, showed the alternated weak light, the dark covered meant everything will be gradually disappeared, the mountains’ curve seemed to fade. At this time, due to the desire to come back to the nature, the heavenly light was unique, you tilt the neck to enjoy stars, catch the wind without the disturbing of vehicles.

However, the dangerous mountain dew may cause cold so please do not play for too long.

How to get Sapa from Hanoi

The first night in Sapa, we were wandering unhurried around the square, The Stone Church, the nearby kiosks. The local tourism is developed here so the kiosks were such the crowded ones. The Stone Church was decorated by the extremely fanciful light. A lot of people and wanderers gathered here. They were playing chess, ice-skater, chit chat, eat and drink…

How to get Sapa from Hanoi

How to get Sapa from Hanoi

In the weekends, the Friday, Saturday and Sunday has the performing art activities to serve the residents and visitors. The beautiful sight cafeteria, the nice located often come up with live music.

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