Go through Quang Tri, back to Khe Sanh after the falling in fire days to visit Lao Bao ??? …

The 2ndday: Khe Sanh (Quang Tri) – Lao Bao 

As planned we will go to Con Co island(Đảo Cồn Cỏ) – actually it was the reason why we was so excited to travel Quang Tri . But we just have cruise ship to the island in April. Former, the drop-in traveller could squeeze in the cargo-boat, or executive transferred boat but the unexpected accident was happened last year so we were no longer have a chance to visit it spontaneously! We could not postpone the trip so we planned to merge them with our next destination to Quang Binh afterward!

If you wanna be in Con Co, the ticket will be 10 USD/journey!

Khe Sanh Quang Tri
Go Khe Sanh Quang Tri

Instead of that, we moved to Lao Bao, Laos neighboring overland border gate and the Western points.

There was a breakdown so we left late, we started at 10 a.m! The distant road, the round trip was around 170km so we decided to get our breakfast before we set off, would take the advantage of taking a rest and eat to save time. Go through Highway 9 is the peacefulThe National Highway 9 Cemetery, you can stop to burn incense for the revolutionary martyrs.

We combined using GPS and…the mouth to ask for the way to Lao Bao, when on the way we passed by the Dakrong bridge , Khe Sanh – Ta Con airport . The burning with fever, the desolate road here let us have a chance to make the most of Quang Tri nature once more! We also lucky cos it was the go through the forest one but even and flat, just the not worth considering bend piece, not too much uphill and downhill, not many obstacles or abyss as Ha Giang, Cao Bang… so could follow our timetable conveniently.

Khe Sanh Quang Tri
Khe Sanh Quang Tri

Arrived at Ta Con airport (Tà Cơn) at noon, the baking sun is on every branch of wild grass! Ticket is 2 USD per one, the airport displays a lot of American jet fighter type sample, is an ideal place for the youth that prefer “kool” style, just imagine, we seldom have chances to get a close look at the enormous plane as this!

Khe Sanh Quang Tri
Khe Sanh Quang Tri (Internet)

At Lao Bao Border Gate you can draw up you import/export or choose the saving and free project – streetcar – the driver will deal it for you. We decided to try it ourselves! When perplexed for paying, we unexpectedly get help from the lady on the way to Vientiane, the money exchange, took to the sealing place. Dragged on for a while we continued exchanging more to shopping! But nothing to buy yet! We bought 2 take-away sugarcane to resist the Laos sunlight and left!

con gái du lịch một mình
lao Bao (Lao Bảo) border gate

That was embarrassing that we were so moonstruck, we ought to have paid so much money for those “papers” like that just to get 2 Laos glasses of sugar-cane (though it was tasty)! But… think back a bit, we would more crack-brained if we didn’t import/export just to be there for those greeting gate photos over 170km challenge!

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We said that’s all but at least, that day, we had a chance to “practice” to find out the difference between the two-way complicated papers process “on land” and international airport border crossing! “Travelling forms a young man” – the oldies taught that already! However, if I have permission to recommend everyone… so I would love to tell you all that “Don’t visit Lao Bao as us! This happens as mortify yourselves body, you cannot make an unusual effort if you are weak!

If you want to make a round trip in common 3 Indochina countries: Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia so this is an interesting choice to pass by Laos, Cambodia and then take a step back to Vietnam through the Southern border gate.

Goodbye beautiful Laos!

Khe Sanh Quang Tri
Khe Sanh Quang Tri

I also had a plan to visit Laos for 1 week in the future (hopefully it will be “nearly”) so that time we will discover the the kingdom of Lan Xang (Million Elephants) country more carefully.

Goodbye to Laos – the beautiful country!

Khe Sanh Quang Tri
Khe Sanh Quang Tri

Left in the afternoon, we moved to Lao Bao prison for discovering. The non-sign historical monument, just existed the unique identify characteristic is a big ground area! We speed on a scooter without recognizing. How grieved for that saying, the monument hasn’t been taken care! The most likely is less spend for maintaining and growing up. At this time it just show the foundation, some remaining rare walls.

When we left, it was so cool, more leisurely, we take a look at Thach Han river that parallel with the path. It looks like the sapphire silk band that hovered under the mountain. The river-bed contains a lot of stones, full of grit as the half-closed sleepiness hippopotamus. Regret that the time was not allowed, if yes we would go down on foot to touch the very early source of water.

In the evening, the weather was so beautiful, we wandered around Dong Ha city eunuch by motorbike, tried to find out a kool cafeteria to look and admire the city!

In Quang Tri has the tasty Hai Lang fish congee (Hải Lăng), but spicy a lot. Even you cannot accept spicy food, the broth was seasoned anyway, enjoy the feeling when you could eat and cry at the same time! But for the one who has spicy teeth, this was pretty good! Just 1 USD per bowl.

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