Go to Sapa – The calling of paradise in the high water season (Part 2)

Fansipan was represented for the conquest and desire a long time ago. With us, Fansipan is more than that, it was full of mysterious passion, light up the creativities and evoked the belief. The trip to Sapa in 4 nights 3 days of us has steeped in fun things like that


Fansipan was represented for the conquest and desire a long time ago. With us, Fansipan is more than that, it was full of mysterious passion, light up the creativities and evoked the belief. The trip to Sapa in 4 nights 3 days of us has steeped in fun things like that.

Day 2: Fansipan Legend – Ta Van – The Sapa pedestrians’ area

Fansipan was represented for the conquest and desire a long time ago. With us, Fansipan is more than that, it was full of mysterious passion, light up the creativities and evoked the belief. The trip to Sapa in 4 nights 3 days of us has steeped in fun things like that.

The little problem when refilled the gasoline here was Sapa has only this unique gas plant that located on the way to Lao Cai province. This gas plant is always crowded with the long queue waiting for their turn, as sometimes I had to wait for 15 minutes. Hence, when you were driving, you had to take care of your gasoline pour if possible and completely active when driving on the high land.

fansipan cable car price
BBQ with noodles in Sapa

In the morning, we decided to visit the yesterday barbecue pork with rice noodle again. The kiosks located nearby the square, tidy and very tasty. The barbecue pork served with pancake was also tasty and populated.

Today, we moved to Fansipan by the funicular, in the next time certainly, I will be trekking to discover this place!

Fansipan Legend – Thousands of clouds

Fansipan cable car price round-trip using telpher is 30 USD per visitor. If it inserted the hiking train, the price would be 35 USD per visitor. Fansipan cable car price also has many options for children, local population. Thanks to the telpher for making the way to the mountain less hard than it used to be. Without the hiking train, you will have to climb up about 600 steps more. With the train, your response was just “moved”, without the effort, both elderly and children were able to conquer the Indochina rooftop. Fansipan cable car price was sold in town, but as I asked that it was not cheaper than getting in front of the counter. During the intense time and crowded festivals, you could buy it earlier to save the time to queue for them.

fansipan cable car price
View from Fansipan cable car

Also note for the price to mountain hiking was sold in 2 places at Fansipan. The first one, when you purchased the telpher in the departure station. The second one is the arrival station, this time you just need to carry the ticket and recharge 5 USD to go, this is the round one. And in case you are confident enough to skip buying them, after on the top and on the way to get back, if you are tired you can buy another ticket to go down but still force to pay 5 USD for the returning one. Hence you can consider it to save energy and costs.

On Saturday, Sunday and holidays, the telpher is working as usual, but in normal days, the tickets follow its own timetable, they also had break times so you have to pay attention on it to sort out the time to relax and eat or drink to prevent you all from wasting time to wait. 

Fansipan cable car price
Terraces (Level 1)- Fansipan cable car price

Fansipan is the highest mountain peak in Vietnam and Indochina with the height of 3143 meters compared to the sea level. Fansipan conquer is always the dream of the backpackers in particular, and for Vietnamese in general. There are a lot of way to hike and using telpher was the fastest and safest one until now.

The suspension cable system was launched from 2016, reaching the two World Record – The Longest Three Cables Suspension (6292.5 meters) and The Bigest Slanting Between the station of departure and the station of arrival (1410 meters). “The airline” has 33 cabins that carries out the capacity of 2000 passengers transporting per hour. Each cabin looked like a small bus that able to carry 30-35 passengers.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

The station as the magnificent castle that was designed as the Colonial architecture in the 19thcentury with the characteristic of the high roof close arch windows, thick walls with the delicate vignette decoration.

The day we visited Fansipan was the coldest one through the trip, was the worst weather ever~

The higher we got, the colder and diluter the atmosphere was.

Fansipan cable car price
The Do Quyen (water-rail) Flower – Fansipan cable car price

When the cabin left the station, in front of our eyes immediately was the unlimited heaven. We temporarily considered as the telpher was divided to 3 parts of different space. It took 15 mins to move by the telpher, and it was also the divine 15 minutes! The first part was the towering terraces. The second part was the primitive deep forest. The last one was the paradise of flower, the colorful ones according to the season.

Before the appearance of the suspension cable, the opportunity for people, Vietnam in particular to the Fansipan mountain top – the Vietnamese highest mountain top was less than this time, especially with the elderly, children, the disabled people, the perennial disease… The chance to see the world from the top that as gentle as the cloud, the opportunity to firsthand look at the green forest, the terraces that rolling under your feet seem to be impossible. I support to hike Fansipan by foot but still seeing the construction of the suspension cable is necessary, just need to protect the environment, preserve the ecosystem pure and primitive. By this, I am looking forward to let Fansipan visitor comply with hygienic regulations because seeing the sanitation worker take care of the trash in a danger, strenuous as they had to hang themselves into the deep chasms to do.

It was rained when we were close to the top, immediately, the white frost was fully covered cabins, we were unable to see anything around. This moment, you were as sitting inside the gentle rolling golf ball in the air, as it was rolling up instead of rolling down. As sad by the magnificent scene left soon but…when reached on another higher spot, the limitless green forest was appeared again.

I have met the Mong ethnic lady in the cabin, she was very gentle, regular, plain, she was carrying her child pick-a-back astride and worn the beautiful traditional costume. She was with the Singaporean family. On the rolling up cabin they were talking to each other and I was extremely surprised by her English to them. The standard English, the perfect pronunciation, the rich of vocabularies, I was worse than her. As people said the Sapa local has the very “excellent” English, now witness with my eyes, that was embarrassing for the 20 years English learners who “behindhand” as me.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price – the woman in the cable

However, as heard everyone in the cabin talked about the problem of the system yesterday, the transform was stopped working around 4 hours, the ones who lost chance to go had to come back, the ones who were in had to wait in 4 hours. That was what I found myself very lucky to deviate from those days (although the weather was so bad).

The Do Quyen (water-rail) flower is the symbol of Fansipan, but before visited I was almost know nothing about this kind of flower. Until I had a chance to see this flower, I felt like the wild one was so beautiful, brilliant, and extremely powerful. There are variety types of water-rail with different names, colors, shapes such as red, purple, yellow, pink, white…etc. As the wind and rain like this, but this flower was still rising with the Sun, flaunted in the harsh weather, it was great to get to know.

fansipan cable car price
Temple in Fansipan peak

Afterward, as researched more, I knew that the water-rail flower was the national flower of Nepal. Perhaps this type of flower species prefers the cold region, prefers this height was also immersed in the highest land of the world.

fansipan cable car price
fansipan cable car price

It was rained, you could buy a raincoat (for once) right at the train station, 1 USD per one. Raincoat was also assist you to retain the heat and less cold when you were up to the mountain. After using it, you should not throw it away but give them to the later ones as they were still new and clean.

The mountain climbing train was running continuously, in just a few moments were up to the top. The hand lost chilly wind so that we could not took our arms up to make the V-shaped to take selfies! The strong wind snapped up our faces, the puff and pant raincoats, the whitening sight and unable take pictures. After a while requiring a lot of exertion to adapt to the weather, I decided to make the Tripod fixed, got our jubilantly to tirelessly posture to mark the memories of the Fansipan first time.

fansipan cable car price
fansipan cable car price

To serve the needs of “check-in” of the visitors, the organizers have prepared many “peak” on the top besides the original to reduce the queueing pressure. Furthermore, there are a lot of national flags to be prepared for the visitors to create their postures. On this point, I understood the mindful and thoughtful of the organizers!

Due to the bad weather, so less people lingered, after being at the top, they just went around once, take photos and get down. At the station also has the buffet restaurants to serve the guests at a meal.

fansipan cable car price
ansipan cable car price

There was a build of monumental stone pagoda system, the visitors all over the world was able to do the Buddhist worship.

We got down from the mountain, the rain was gone in the halfway, the sunshine was back, the sight below was able to show up clearly splendid.

At noon, we decided to eat Sapa mountain goat meat, apparently it was out right decision. The dish helped to quickly recover energy for the next trip. I ask permission of putting forward the roast, saute…

Ta Van – Muong Hoa Valley – Cau May

The afternoon was used for the description of Ta Van, this is the place where the Giay ethnic is living. On the way to Ta Van was the Muong Hoa Valley that stretched through the Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau ThaoandBan Ho.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

Perhaps this was the Sapa’s most beautiful road when the terraces as the giant painting, the roofs filled up very peaceful behind the bamboo with the tiny stream that softly swerved.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

And probably by the magic here, it was hard to get a fit photo in this place.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

Ticket to the cluster tourism is ~ 4USD per one. When entranced to Ta Van, visit Cau May, you will have to pay 2/3 USD more.

Cau May was a cross-section of the stream, formerly it was the unique vehicle that connected Ta Van and Sapa. Nowadays, this bridge served for the tourist and another bridge was built to serve the life of people here.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

Cau May as my research represent for the 2 meanings. The literal sense is the bridge that made from elastic rattan wire and so “natural”. The figurative sense is the cloud will play with the rocking stream, hold the fanciful bridge if you were lucky to get into the mist.

The distance between the wooden planks is 20cm average, there were some rotten ones, so although the bridge has been preserved as always but you had better to take care and pay attention when passing on and hold the handrails, no more than 5 people at a time and no joke on it.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

It took 10 minutes to be familiar with the balance, I was able to hobnob Cau May…

Sapa Ancient Rock Field is extremely famous, this is the place for the scientists from all over the world to take surveys and do a research. The rocky was carved out a lot of mysterious ancient shaped.

Fansipan cable car price
Sapa Ancient Rock Field – Fansipan cable car price

When I arrived, the children were playing with the rock as the modern children that playing with the slide, very interesting.

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

As was suggested by the local about the Gu cake (bánh Gù) yesterday, we did buy one right at Cau May. Gu cakes was called Black Glutinous Rice cake, the unique dish of the Giay. The black color of the cakes was make of catalpa bark’s ash. The bark was dried, burnt into ash and ground. The special thing is Gu cake did not heat our neck and tum as the glutinous in general because the catalpa bark deodorized the sour and the heat of the sticky rice. The rice mingled with the black ash that made the cake has a characteristic taste. The cake is 1,5 USD per one, you could buy it to try.

Sapa’s specialty: Massage and barbecue

In the evening, we continued to discover the pedestrian streets with the two things that wanted to experience were Sapa massage and barbecue.

Fansipan cable car price

Perhaps massage was become the Sapa’s culture, was raised up to the particular brand as the Thai Massage. The Cau May street, the pedestrian street is the place where a lot of massage store with the most preferred 2 services were foot and body massage. The supply was provided as demand, this is the remarkable service that assisted to create jobs for many local here. To spring from the famous “Dao Do bathing leaves”, massage and feet soaking with those leaves provided the meaningful comfortable and relax to the visitors.

Fansipan cable car price

You are able to choose the reasonable time with the schedule, 20, 40, 60 minutes with the different prices. As I tried the 60 mins foot massage, 8-10 USD per one. The stores are listing the price at the door and you may get the discount depend on time.

After a few days wandering over Sapa, the foot massage was the wonderful remedy!

Fansipan cable car price
Fansipan cable car price

There are a lot of barbecue restaurant in Sapa, mostly for serving, it was served as the oblique and roasting-jack choice to count. We tried to find the small alley’s one instead of the nice location with the hope to get the delicious, unique and cheap landfall.

As got the full stomach, and to be “happy”, I needed nothing more than these?

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