Two days in Cat Ba Island is too long but enough to you feeling the people’s life in here.

Go to Cat Ba Island National Park

One of the most interesting thing I love about Cat Ba is its own security. Cos it is the beautiful island in common the ocean, separate from the outside area so in the evening, the local parked their motorbikes at the gates and in their yard, no need to lock. If the rains came, they let everything rans on its own. The first time seeing it, I was surprised. Just that to show up the peaceful of this pearl island.

The day after’s early morning, we moved to Quan Y cave , the Cat Ba island National park – Ngu Lam top treckking.

The Quan Y cave as named was the cave that built to store the medical station/hospital during the war in the old times. The cave stored a lot of medical projects of the field combat hospital. Ticket to entrance is 1 USD per one.

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The price for getting in to the Cat Ba Island National Park is 2 USD. This is the forest channel that pedocarpus fleurgi with the 225 meters height Ngu Lam. The Ngu Lam mountain is not too high, the road was easy to go on feet but everything you got after an hour hiking was pretty precious.

cat ba island national park
Cat Ba Island National Park

On the way, I met a lot of hiking foreigners, some small groups with Vietnamese tour guide. All was foreign guests, almost no Vietnamese. The way to hike has the worth view, you will get a lot of “so deep” photos taken! 

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park

On the top, everybody took it in turns to queue up …for taking photos on the highest location, the most beautiful one. On it also has a trash, and all backpackers had a sense of civic responsibility to give the garbage in the right place.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park

You had better to purchase the high-speed ship ticket before noon to ensure that you will buy it quickly. And wander around after that and get back when on time. That day, the choppy sea happened we got back, one of the ships ignored to get back so chances to get the seat was 50-50. So we worried a bit that we could not get back in time to go to work the day after. In general boating is less worry, but if the heavy sea coming unexpectedly, the big waves, the shaking boat will make some weak body get tired, seasick or vomit. Please be careful and attent to disminish the boat evil influences.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park – Say Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

If you visit Cat Ba twice on passenger ferry and moved by motorbike, you will have a chance to experience the feeling of imposing mountain pass last through. Not only the sea, this land also owned curve roads, up and down around the huge mountains, continuously unwind in front of your eyes with a lot of beautiful spots. There are a lot of parts that you are driving as going through the forest, the green and neglected trees was fulfilled on the other sides of the road.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Road Cat Ba Island National Park

Cat Ba has a lot of beautiful seaside resorts such as Cat Co 1, 2 and 3 especially the Cat Co 2.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Go to Cat Ba Island National Park

This time Cat Ba currently built the “hanging on moutains” road to let visitors to go on their feet and contemplate the beautiful sight. The road that close to nature, based on mountain and lead to the sea, prolonged seaside resorts to each other.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park

To Cat Ba Island you had better to buy seafood as souvenir, especially dried cuttlefish and best taste was half dried cuttlefish. And the dried ones were easy to maintain to bring them home. Someone said, visit Cat Ba: drinking beer, eating cuttle fish, enjoy the sea wind are the best things of this world! I felt this one was so true! 

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park – Cat Co 2 beach 

Cuttlefish is the nutrition seafood that contains fibre, protein and starch. Beside this, it provides a lot of valuable and rare mineral substance for our health. Cat Ba dried cuttlefish is delicious and super leathery. The cuttlefish that got 5 stars qualified must show up the white stomach, the pinkish back and some black specks on its body, when tearing must carry the pickish color, leathery without crushing.

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To Cat Ba, you are having 3 vehicles to choose such as e-bike, renting motorbike and xe-om driver. The e-bike in Cat Ba is now popular at anywhere in Vietnam, to protect the environment and convenient for family, friend groups, and easy to enjoy the sea. Renting motorbike will bring to you the initiative for discovering every nook and cranny here, price for in-day renting is around 5-8 USD.

Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba Island National Park – “Hanging on moutains” road

If you are the ones who prefer to take risks, you can experience by hiking the rocky mountain such as Hang Ca, Nam Cat island, Ba Trai Dao … Hiking will help you to experience the feeling of standing in common the air, one is the sea and one another is the mountains, what an interesting investigation! However, I used to try mountains climbing in house and the result was so fatal, so I know that I am not kool enough to do it then I dared not to experience this!

Good luck to you!

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