The Dien Bien horizon continue opening the constructions, sparkling gigantic beauty spots. The journey became more and more interesting, and from that moment, I sure that I am the one who like to “displace”, nonetheless I love to “solo travel”

In Dien Bien has a lot of statuary to commemorate for their deserts and sacrifice of the heroes and revolutionary martyrs.

battle dien bien phu
Battle Dien Bien Phu

The Muong Phang Achieve statuary is also called “the celebrate success statuary” by the local close to this place. The statuary is separated from the Dien Bien Phu campaign headquarters about 300m onto the Northeastern – the place where our army and people formal to organize the parade festival to salute the winner on May 13th 1954.

battle dien bien phu
Battle Dien Bien Phu

The haughty firecracker’s strain statuary was on the 279 highway to Tuan Giao (Tuần Giáo). The statuary reproduced To Vinh Dien hero’s artillery platoon straining the firecracker manually by hands into the North of Dien Bien Phu campaign firecracker battlefield in 1954, on Bo Hom (Bó Hôm) hill slope was safe. This place was also the place where To Vinh Dien sacrificed.

battle dien bien phu
Battle Dien Bien Phu

The guesthouse where I lived is close to Dien Bien Phu Achievement statuary, can go on foot. This is the largest Southeast Asia extremely scenery relief with the average height 7.5m, the width 58m was joined from 217 pieces of green stones. This reproduced the soldier and the Thai child were happy to celebrate Dien Bien Phu Achievement. From the top of the hill where the statuary was located you can increase your eyesight to get the 360 degree of the city. And from this can take a look to the Muong Thanh deep green field and the beautiful Nom Ron (Nộm Rốn) river.

battle dien bien phu
Battle Dien Bien Phu

At noon, I went to Pa Khoang lake(Pá Khoang) . When I arrived there was a group of elder that preparing to get into the boat to go picnic so I asked to join them, I will contribute the fee. The ladies were so enthusiastic and let me sat on the most beautiful seat to enjoy the sight of the lake. When I gave money, they didn’t received them. Because the tour is not yet expanded so if you came here in a small number, you had better to join the group, the more is the better cos you can reduce the fee, if not the price for boating can up to 2 millions. This makes me felt like I am the lucky one!

battle dien bien phu

The water is pure and green. Inside the lake had a lot of earth mouth popped up as the small island, the plants growing up luxuriant above. Far away, at some islands appeared a few groups that spread the canvas to relax. The cool wind burnt out Dien Bien hot temper in the afternoon. When landed on the island, those elders left the boat so I had a chance to go on foot around the lake in the afternoon. I was passionately enjoy the sightseeing, the feeling was so high! And I angled for getting the cabin a little bit from the pilot to show some photos with the rudder!

battle dien bien phu

In common the lands that on the high as this, Pa Khoang lake is truly the precious vivid beauty.

Day 2, I went to Hue Pe hot spring , Ban Phu citadelHoang Cong Chat temple , Doc Lap hill, Muong Thanh airport and Dien Bien market.

battle dien bien phu

The nature is favouring Dien Bien, and issued lots of pricelessly presents for this land. One of them was the hot spring. Here, there are 2 famous hot spring and U Va and Hue Pe, cos Hue Pe is more convenient so I chose Hue Pe. When I arrived, the tourist area is still neglected, not yet developed, but now was built more beautiful. The ticket for bathing is 3 USD /person.

battle dien bien phu

Sure I don’t have to talk more about the effect of taking a bath inside the hot spring?

Hoang Cong Chat temple (Hoàng Công Chất) is an important cultural historical monument of the region that marked the bulky deserts of the farmer hero Hoang Cong Chat, the child of Thai Binh in the struggle to liberate Muong Thanh (Muong Then) – Dien Bien from the station occupying troops in the Phe invader. The temple is located inside the Ban Phu citadel, away from Dien Bien Phu city around 9km. This was the exploit of the Hoang’s citadel construction.

battle dien bien phu

The Doc Lap hill(Độc Lập) – the name that suggested a lot of meaning. Hence I insisted the motorbike taxi driver to take me to this place even he said, “there was nothing there”. The hill was located in the residential area, the local house are around and interlace road. This is simple a hill, no guard gate, not the travel site. I climbed up the hill. On the hill, there was no one there, just bushy plants. There was a big stone stele to save the olden time signs. And so on, I stood on the hill, closed the eyes to make the most of peaceful wind…

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The Muong Thanh airport now is the Northwest biggest commerce one. In 1954, this was the field combat airport, the 206 entrenched fortification. I required the driver to stop driving, and stand nearby the hedge to look into the area…

battle dien bien phu
Battle Dien Bien Phu

Before getting back to Hanoi, I visited Dien Bien market to buy some specialty. There are 3 specialties in this place, I just wanted to introduce these: Dien Bien’s rice, smoking-shelf buffalo and Zanthoxylum rhetsa (one of the spices). Although it’s the highland but Dien Bien has a lot of well-off valley, the rice variety was planted successfully and all became the famous trade name such as Seng Cu rice, Dien Bien high quality rice, Nep Nuong rice… Though currently you can buy Dien Bien rice easily in the supermarket but a long time ago, to bring Dien Bien rice to the lowland was so hard and scarce! Dien Bien rice is really really delicious, delicious to eat without provender by the seductive fragrance when you opened the rice cooker!

In fact, in Dien Bien also has buffalo meat, beef, and smoking-shelf pork, if observed carefully, you can see the color of them are a bit different. The price is also different from each other. The buffalo one is the most expensive and also the best taste! The price is around 35-40 USD per kilo.

Zanthoxylum rhetsa (Mắc Khén) is the unique spice that only provided by the Northwest. The Zanthoxylum rhetsa spice is not spicy as the chilli, but create the insensible tingle on the tip of the tongue when taste, the heady fragrance. Zanthoxylum rhetsawas used for soaking meat to grill, fry, dried and make sauce. Remember to buyZanthoxylum rhetsa to process food and let it be the present for your friends!

Now you can easily order online the Northwest specialty, but if you can please buy some to support the local here as the gift to bring home!

The fee for this journey of mine was less than ~100 USD!

I wrote this to invite you to do sightseeing of Northwest mountain and forest this summer!

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